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Skeenee's skulls

Madrid based Belgian artist obsessed with skulls and anatomy in general. 

After working for more than a decade in commercial animation, web design & illustration, I decided to start focusing on two of my passions: Painting & Tattooing.

It´s hard for me to describe my art since my best work & the best ideas come to me when I clear my mind and think about nothing, when I am in the moment, when I am just lines and nothing else. 


Currently studying human & animal anatomy amongst other natural forms, inspired by renaissance drawings, demonstration of a time where art and science were seen as one. 

Originals and prints of my skulls are available in my shop. I also do commissioned work, feel free to contact me for more information.

Art is a research. Instead of merely copying reality, my focus is to understand what lies behind it, to see past the details and find the essence of things. Every curve has a life, a reason to be, a beginning and an end, a personality.

Tattooing in Madrid, Spain. Currently developing designs of skulls & birds. Follow me on Instagram for updates

Check my flashes of skulls & do not hesitate to contact me if you like what you see or if you want me to develop a more personal idea.

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